12 Questions to Interview Any Agent

Ask these questions when interviewing agents to sell your home.
1What's the difference between marketing and advertising a home and how does this difference affect me?
2What are the specific elements of your home selling and marketing strategy that affect the selling price and the time my home will be on the market?
3Do you require a pre-inspection and that my home be staged before I sell? If not, why?
4With the internet being the first place that most buyers look for a home, can you identify for me the best internet property marketing methods and why they work?
5What reporting do you make available that show how many unique visitors are seeing my home on the various websites my home will be marketed on with you?
6Do you have any information that details what home buyers find the most useful when it comes to a property-marketing and and what motivates buyers to respond to it?
7Can you identify for me what buyers on the internet say is the number one reason they choose an agent for buying a home they found on the internet? What in your business reflects that you understand this fact?
8Do you have a marketing budget that outlines how you'll spend your resources to market my home and earn your fee?
9What is your strategy to attract qualified buyers from the various sources available today and how will you work to attract co-op agents so they show my home over other homes in the market?
10What is your negotiation strategy and how can I count on you to negotiate from a postion of strength than one of weakness? How can you assure me that the home inspection will not "blow up" my transaction at the very last minute?
11Can you identify how your team will work to handle my listings from the minute you take it until the day it closes? Also, identify the different departments of your company and show me how they benefit me in the sale of my home?
12What do you do, if anything, to ensure that the leads you generate are going to be handled in a timely manner so that we don't miss out on any qualified buyer prospects?